Trung tâm hội nghị ở Flamingo Đại Lải0

Large conference room is designed luxuriously, conveniently and modernly with the capacity up to 350 guests which hides itself behind the artistical grass hill and alongside stone road. Opera Hall is the perfect place for guests to organize meetings, conferences and other important events at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. 

Not only served famous cuisine, Charm Palace also an ideal space to organize professional meetings, conferences upon the demand of value customers.

Classic meeting room belonged Hall Centre, brings the private and silence. This place is both for events and meeting with medium capacity. This space is smart and convenient that surely contributes to the success of high level conferences, events and brings the satisfaction to participants. 

Locating in the grass hill, wine cellar and bar with their luxurious architect, getting the full view towards the lakeview, Thien hill and green sky, Bamboo Wings cellar is stored, preserved and displayed hundred of wines from different countries.