Overview of Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Being just far from Hanoi about 45 km and belonging to Phuc Yen District, Vinh Phuc Province, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort reminds people about the land of “graceful mountains and debonair water” with fresh weather, majestic scenery and those of miracles inside. A land of romantic features harmonizes with the peace and quiet but contains the ground wave of happiness expansion. A land of four beautiful seasons appeared like stepping out from the old legend...

There are some lands that never fade away in your mind in spite of once visit: the poetic mountains and rivers, the peaceful and quiet atmosphere, the charming villas humbly nestled on the hill with the moments of happiness with beloved. Enjoying Flamingo Dai Lai Resort - The Stunning Land!

Only VND 3,000,000++/2 days & 1 night – for 2 adults & 1 child With the rapid growth of tech 4.0 with its fancy devices and gadgets comes the gradual disappearance of the simpler joys in life. “Fun” for our little angels nowadays is a concept reserved for the tiny figures and colorful games they see on their iPhones and iPads, and it is also this idle, passive “fun” that might lead to more serious problems such as obesity, reduced eyesight or lack of social skills, etc. without us even realizing it. 
With breathtaking nature, innovative environmentally friendly architecture, and an impressive ecosystem of facilities and services for a green vacation, Flamingo Dai Lai is an eco-resort destination not to be missed! Stop by our booth at the Vietnam International Travel Mart 2019 for a pleasant surprise. Thousands of vacation vouchers and bonus gifts for a chance to experience Flamingo Dai Lai Resort with discounts of up to 61% await!
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FLAMINGO MEETINGS, EVENTS & ACCOMMODATION PACKAGE From just VND 1,450,000++/pax/nightBonus gifts of VND 1,700,000/pax* 
FLAMINGO ESSENTIALS TOUR: FLAMINGO FROM A TO ZFor just VND 800,000++/pax (*) The Flamingo bus is here! Hop on and join us on a journey to experience the essentials and highlights of the Flamingo Dai Lai ecosystem from A to Z with us, will you?